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Diamondtrap – Revolutionary Air Filtration Solutions

True Aseptic air filtration saves lives

Diamondtrap is a Finnish company focused on improving people’s health by providing clean and safe air for everyday life – by offering one of the first truly aseptic air filtration technology with several other benefits to the market.

We do it by quality air filtration solutions, being revolutionary in safety (microbicidal), performance, energy efficiency, and convenience.

Our mission is to combat the current and future air pollution and pandemics globally, to save lives and to improve people’s health, for everyone, everywhere.

Our practical offering is a quality filter media for Portable Air Purifiers (HEPA), HVAC systems and Respirators with top performance, better air flow, higher energy efficiency, lower noise, easiness to breathe, and ability to be aseptic- in practice ”catch & kill” viruses, fungus and bacteria (microbicidal).

The patent pending technology is based on large surface area, permanent electret provided by application tailored nanodiamond particles, said solutions being able to capture not only various particles but especially, capture and neutralise all the pathogens, in remarkably short time. Moreover, the technology simultaneously allows improved airflow resistance resulting in portable air cleaners and HVAC systems reduced airflow resistance and energy consumption as well as respirator reduced breathing resistance and thus, easiness to use.

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