Respirators and protective masks

Respirators and protective masks

Diamondtrap filter media provides aseptic respirators with low breathing resistance – with highest filtration efficiency.

Diamondtrap filter media for respirators/masks

  1. Meets FFP2 and FFP3 standards
  1. Truly aseptic – neutralizes viruses, fungus and bacteria in up to 20 minutes
  1. Lower breathing resistance
  1. Filtration efficiency well exceeding 99%

Easy breathing with Diamondtrap respirators

During the global pandemic, people are struggling to avoid viruses transmitted in aerosol form. The citizens want to protect not only themselves but keep others safe, too. Safe protection is achieved by using face masks or respirators, which block all the incoming and outcoming pathogens from the air. When it comes to conventional respirators, the in-built filtration efficiency increases the airflow resistance and thus, such respirators exhibit high breathing resistance – especially during physical exercise. Diamondtrap filtration media offers highest level of aseptic air filtration with lowest level of air resistance.

Truly aseptic is a revolutionary improvement – and saves lives

There are a few masks or respirators in the market, claimed to be antibacterial or antiviral. True aseptic and practical respirator is neutralizing bacteria, fungus and viruses in up to 20 minutes. The airborne viruses are transmitted within aerosols or by physical touch from various surfaces. The Diamondtrap method is one of the few true aseptic ones, providing multiple levels of protection. The key is to trap and neutralize all forms of transmitted pathogens. Diamondtrap filter media is one of the few materials tested with airborne transmitted viruses. The tests show exceptional performance for variety of bacteria, fungus and viruses.

Highest FFP3 performance with nanodiamonds

Diamondtrap filter media has been developed to provide  FFP3-grade respirators with truly aseptic capability. The respirators exhibit low breathing resistance and secure that the filtered air is free of viruses, fungus and bacteria, as well as other harmful particles. The unique performance improvements are achieved by unleashing the unique properties of nanodiamonds. Each filter is provided with billions of small electrically charged nanodiamonds able to capture and neutralize the pathogens.

Respirators extended lifetime

One of the most common ways introducing the filtration capacity to current respirators is to apply a filter layer comprised of meltblown polypropylene with static charge. Such a static charge is decaying over a period of time and thus, such product shelf time is limited.   Nanodiamonds allows producing permanent electrect, which type of charge can also be selected to be either highly positive or highly negative. The permanent electret enables the products very long shelf times.

Diamondtrap antipathogenic filter media is easy to implement to any existing commercial respirator or face mask design.



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Respirators and protective masks

Respirators and protective masks