True Aseptic air filtering explained

True Aseptic air filtering explained

Aseptic air filtration is capturing and neutralizing viruses, fungus and bacteria

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  • Aseptic Portable Air purifiers and HVAC systems

Every year, millions of people are killed by COVID-19 or other air transmitted pathogens. Public places such as offices, restaurants, bars, cafes, movie theaters, public transport but also places such as elderly houses and one’s own private home pose new types of fatal health risks.

The latest Covid-19 pandemic has raised enormous interest towards antibacterial and especially antiviral solutions. Terms antibacterial, antipathogenic and antiviral have been boldly used by air purification industry, HEPA filter manufacturers and mask/respirator marketers. Most common solutions include heavy filters, ultraviolet light, ionization or extreme heat. However, these solutions are far from being simple, cost efficient and practical.

Viruses are transmitted by air from tiny aerosols released from breathing. WHO has set recommendations for mask usage during pandemic, and recent findings support the use of air purification systems to clean ambient air. However, the release of viruses continues due to poor performance of most methods used.

Diamondtrap has invented a solution for catching and neutralizing bacteria, fungus and viruses in truly aseptic way. Aseptic means “free from contamination caused by harmful bacteria, fungus, viruses or other microorganisms; surgically sterile or sterilized”. Aseptic is a new standard for air filtering, offering not only particle-free but also bacteria-, fungus- and virus-free air in minutes, regardless of the way how pathogens are coming to contact to the filter. With aseptic filtering, the outcoming or inbreath air is practically clean from particulates as well as pathogens.

The viruses in the air are transmitted to the filter as airborne pathogens. Diamondtrap is addressing all three levels of contamination. In normal conditions microbes stay alive on surfaces during days or even weeks. The key for aseptic air filtration is to clean the contaminated air from aerosols by catching and neutralizing pathogens immediately upon their adherence to the filter surface. To achieve this, Diamondtrap is using trillions of small and electrically charged nanodiamonds, which catch the incoming particles, bind them and neutralize their functional parts.

Adding nanodiamonds is cost-effective, makes filtering simpler and increases the overall filtration performance – all at the same time.

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